The Great Book Format Debate – Print vs. Digital

Whenever I tell people that I read a lot and review books, they will often bring up the question of paper books versus ebooks. They’ll ask me which I prefer and why. Many people have written on this topic before but it still frequently comes up in conversation among readers.
What I love are words that contain good stories and meaningful information, whether it’s printed on paper or made up of e-ink capsules over a white background is mostly irrelevant to me. It’s the words that I’m there for. However, it’s still an issue that many readers appear to battle over.


55 Essential Space Operas from the Last 70 Years

What makes a science fiction story a space opera? Well, it needs to take place in space obviously, though not necessarily all of the time. Hanging out solely in an arcology on a climate-blasted Earth, or even in a domed city on Mars, doesn’t cut it. Actually, the more space the better; though there are certainly exceptions, a good space opera should span a galaxy or two, or at least a solar system. And an opera has to be grand and dramatic –battling empires, invading aliens, mysterious ancient technology, and grand, sweeping story arcs.

How to read more books

Source: How to read more books — Quartz
by Elle Kaplan

I’ve said it many times: reading books is a major key to success. The mega-rich and successful like Bill Gates and Elon Musk devote extraordinary amounts of their time to reading. Musk even attributes his knowledge of how to build rockets to his reading repertoire, and studies have proven that reading can reduce stress, increase focus, and improve long and short-term memory.