Favorites List

Here are, in no particular order, my favorite books from various genres along with a short description of why they feature. It’s an eclectic list which will grow over time as I discover new gems. Click on the covers for more information.

pandoras_star_uk1Pandora’s Star (Commonwealth Saga #1)
Peter F Hamilton
Sci-fi, space opera

The best modern space opera that I’ve read to date. Crammed full of incredible world building, wonderful technology, alien species and plots thicker than molasses. It was this book that really turned me on to modern sci-fi. An awesome spectacle and escapism at it’s best.

dogsofwarThe Dogs of War
Frederick Forsyth
Action, adventure, military/mercenary, thriller

This is a superb novel from a superb author. A mining company sets up a private army to overthrow the government of a small third world African country. There are many twist and turns and a bittersweet ending. Action-packed and well researched. A masterpiece.

Robert Mason
Non-fiction, military, Vietnam War
A true story from the battlefields of Vietnam. A US Army helicopter pilot tells it as he saw it in a gritty, honest and descriptive style. A humorous, entertaining and sobering story.
This is one of the benchmark war non-fiction books of the 20th century.

oldmanswarOld Man’s War (Old Man’s War #1)
John Scalzi
Sci-fi, military, space opera
Right here is some of the best science fiction that you can find, there’s something for every sci-fi fan within these pages. It’s the first book of an excellent series of novels and shorter works. If you’re looking for a book to give a new sci-fi reader, give them this and they will thank you.

Andrew Grant
Action, adventure
A fantastic yarn with a great plot, realistic characters and superb action. Lovers of adventure will devour this effortlessly. Love, joy, hate and tragedy, it’s all here. By a lesser known New Zealand author who knows his subject matter extremely well. Solid entertainment.

kings-of-eternity-mockupThe Kings of Eternity
Eric Brown
Sci-fi, fantasy
A slightly unusual setting and feel which heightens the enjoyment. There is bucket loads of joy, pain, wonder and intrigue. One of those book which I didn’t want to end because it’s so well written and compelling. Very accessible to non-sci-fi readers as well as seasoned fans.

zeropointThe Hunt for Zero Point
Nick Cook
Non-fiction, technology, history
An aviation journalist’s search for information and truth from within the classified world of anti-gravity technology. Well researched and presented, if there is a book to give a newcomer to the subject of secret science and technology, this is it. It reads like a spy thriller and is a great page turner.

warofworlds2The War of the Worlds
H.G. Wells
Classic sci-fi
Yes, it’s dated (first published 1898) but this book is one of the foundation works which effectively began the science fiction genre as we know it. A tale of alien invasion and human resilience which has inspired countless other stories. Great to read on a cold night with a warming beverage. A true classic.

Slash & Anthony Bozza
Non-fiction, biography, music
The best music biography that I’ve read. An entertaining and thought-provoking insight into a surprisingly interesting person. A story of heroin-fueled rock n’ roll excess followed by sober realization of weakness and vulnerability. I think I’d get on with Slash if I ever met him.


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