BOOK REVIEW: Pelquin’s Comet by Ian Whates

English author Ian Whates has been around for a while now as a publisher, editor and author and I’ve been meaning to give one of his offerings a crack for some time, especially since he has been responsible for publishing stories from a few of my firm favourite sci-fi writers like Peter F. Hamilton & Eric Brown. Based on this, I naturally assumed that maybe Whates has the same good taste as me (IMHO) and finally sought out some of his own work. What caught my eye first was Pelquin’s Comet, a shortish novel and the first in a (so far) two-part series called The Dark Angels. It turns out that it’s a bloody good story, spinning my wheels up pretty good and arousing my imagination wonderfully because it’s brimming with many solid sci-fi tropes and elements.


BOOK REVIEW: Acadie by Dave Hutchinson

Acadie by Dave Hutchinson My rating: 4.3 out of 5Recently I have been taking a greater interest in shorter forms of fiction, and I’ve been seeing this novella rate well, so it was a simple choice to have a look for myself. It’s just over 100 pages in paperback form with an interesting storyline and…