The Learned Turtle is the evolution of a nickname which I was given over twenty years ago by a work friend, and it has stuck with me ever since. It’s now a pseudonym behind which I indulge my book geekery.

I’m a 44 year-old male from New Zealand who had an old-school rural upbringing and I currently call the beautiful little city of Christchurch my home. I’m a professional aircraft maintenance engineer, am married to a nurse, have three sons and a modest obsession with motorcycles (the truth: I’m crazy about bikes).

Whenever I can fit it in around the busy rush of everyday life, I love to read books, talk about them and review them. Reading is my favorite escape (a crucial element of my “sanity maintenance” regime) and the preferred way to feed my mind.

My reading varies in flavor but in recent years I’ve found myself enjoying a lot of science fiction. I also like to read historical and military themed books, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as biographical books about people who interest me. The occasional thriller and action-adventure novel finds it’s way onto my list as well.

My reviews begin with a synopsis (in italics) followed by my thoughts. I usually find my ratings by scoring the book in three basic categories and the final score is simply the median. The categories are:
1. Concept – the idea of the book or story, how the plot or theme captures my imagination.
2. Delivery –  the writing style, how it’s laid out and presented (even a book that I don’t really like could still score high here).
3. Entertainment – self-explanatory and what it’s mostly about for me.
After the review I also include some links to where you can buy the book.

I haven’t the faintest idea about the technicalities of sentence construction or meter or such things, nor do I particularly care. There are many great reviewers who do understand the nuances of language and  will judge a book accordingly. All I know is what I think is a good story told well, and the whole idea is that others will find my simple reviews helpful in some way.

In addition to book reviews and things about reading, you may see links to random things which have caught my eye. I sometimes like to delve into the occasional speculative idea or theory.

Thanks for indulging me and if you have any comments or questions please get in touch using the Contact page.

I hope to see you around:-)