Mass Awakening by Shoshi Herscu

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Truth has been hidden from us while a global policy of mass depopulation and exploitation has been carried out behind the scenes for the past half-century. The author, an independent journalist, became aware of this agenda only in the past few years. She found it hard to believe, but in-depth research and the testimony of whistleblowers worldwide have exposed these strategies. They include geoengineering (chemtrails), fluoridation of water supplies, GMOs, vaccinations, false flag terrorist attacks, and economic warfare by the group David Wilcock calls the Cabal. However, despite this grim reality, a positive shift of mass awakening is occurring worldwide. Tribunals are being established to prosecute elite offenders; revelations of hidden technology like free-energy and new economic models are being put forth. The author shows how humanity is claiming its rightful heritage as spiritual beings and charts the course of our elevation of consciousness.

MASS AWAKENING gives us all real hope for an amazing future.
***** *** *******
I love the subject matter, but I found this to be a a bit all over the place, and almost reads like a teaching book for a cult (and, yes, I’ve read one or two of those over the years…).
I found the short part about music frequencies and the section about global financial matters quite interesting, especially in the light of our current events (COVID-19, which Shoshi obviously knew nothing about while writing the book). But, if you consider yourself anything resembling agnostic, you won’t appreciate most of it; it’s got a heavy spiritual content. Also, the ET thing is massive for her. I’d say that she is a bit of a disciple of the Galactic Confederation of Light concept (or something similar) which has been around for some time now.
The huge number of internet links was slightly off-putting and, because I read this book on an e-reader, they were unusable. I can’t help but see this book as a slightly jumbled compilation of a series of ideas gleaned from many, many hours surfing the internet and spent on social media conversing with members of countless fringe groups.
The subject matter is fascinating and mind-bending and (in my opinion) grounded in fact, well worth investigating if you are seriously interested in the world around you and what is REALLY going on. To me, Shoshi Herscu came across as a bit of a nutter, a crazy woman who spends too much time talking to other nutters. That’s only my perception, and she’s probably not, but what came across while reading made me feel this way.
Overall, if you’re new to the idea of things being way different to what they appear to be, and have a very open mind, you will glean much from this book. But for me, this was far too chaotic and untidy for the subject matter to be fully grasped and appreciated.
3/5 for theme
2/5 for delivery
2/5 for education
= 2.3 out of 5
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