BOOK REVIEW: For We Are Many [Bobiverse #2] by Dennis E. Taylor

This is the second book of a series that deserves to be recognized because it’s quality hard sci-fi which is well written and superbly plotted. The author’s personality and wit shine through in his style and those of you who saw my review of the first book of the series We Are Legion (We Are Bob) will know that I made comparisons with the writing of John Scalzi, one of the biggest names in contemporary sci-fi literature. I dare say that Dennis E. Taylor could also be destined for grand things just like Scalzi. This Bobiverse series so far has been a refreshing and fun injection of style into what has often seemed to me as a rather dry and dull sub-genre of science fiction.

BOOK REVIEW: Acadie by Dave Hutchinson

Acadie by Dave Hutchinson My rating: 4.3 out of 5Recently I have been taking a greater interest in shorter forms of fiction, and I’ve been seeing this novella rate well, so it was a simple choice to have a look for myself. It’s just over 100 pages in paperback form with an interesting storyline and…